The Emergency Enhanced 911 Operations Center is located in the Joe Keller building on Highway 62 in Mountain Home. In February, 1998, the E911 system went online in Baxter County. When 911 is dialed, the enhanced system automatically retrieves your name, address and phone number on the screen. Dispatch can then relay specific information to emergency personnel. All 911 dispatchers must be properly trained and certified. Enhanced 911 is available in all of Baxter County, except for the far southern part of the County or the City of Big Flat. The telephone exchange for this area is 448 and is long distance to any other resident in the county. Searcy County predominately responds to this area for emergencies. Baxter County does take in a portion of Marion County and Fulton County due to the phone exchange and rapidness of response for emergency service. The Baxter County Emergency Operations Center receives an average of seven to eight hundred 911 calls per month.
The 911 Center is not only responsible for answering emergency phone calls and dispatching emergency personnel but also must ensure that all addresses are included in the system to maintain an expedient level of response from emergency personnel. This includes going out and getting new addresses and maintaining current emergency mapping. All new structures constructed in Baxter County must be issued an address by the 911 office. Call the administrative office at 870-424-6119 for complete details and procedures.
Post Your Address:
In order for emergency personnel to find your home in the event of a fire, medical or other emergency, it is vital that your street address be posted in a visible spot. It is recommended that you use three-inch reflective numbers posted at the end of your driveway and on your home. You can post your address on your mailbox but if your mailbox is located with others or it is not clear which home is yours from the location of the mailbox, you will also need to post your address in a location that clearly identifies your home. Rural addresses are based on the distance in miles down a particular road where you are located. Having your address in the 911 system gives responding personnel specific information about where your home is located.

Severe Weather:
Baxter County also has 30 sirens, all programmed from the 911 Center. In the event of a tornado warning, 911 will activate the sirens to alert the public to take shelter immediately. The tone is a 3-minutes high-low warning tone. When the warning area is "all clear" a solid tone will sound.

Storm Watches & Warnings:
Flood Watch: High flow or overflow of water from a river is possible in the given time period. It can also apply to heavy runoff or drainage of water into low-lying areas. These watches are generally issued for flooding that is expected to occur at least 6 hours after heavy rains have ended.

Flood Warning: Flooding conditions are actually occurring or are imminent in the warning area.

Flash Flood Watch: Flash flooding is possible in or close to the watch area. Flash Flood Watches are generally issued for flooding that is expected to occur within 6 hours after heavy rains have ended.

Flash Flood Warning: Flash flooding is actually occurring or imminent in the warning area. It can be issued as a result of torrential rains, a dam failure, or ice jam.

Tornado Watch: Conditions are conducive to the development of tornadoes in and close to the watch area.

Tornado Warning: A tornado has actually been sighted by spotters or indicated on radar and is occurring or imminent in the warning area.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch: Conditions are conducive to the development of severe thunderstorms in and close to the watch area.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning: A severe thunderstorm has actually been observed by spotters or indicated on radar, and is occurring or imminent in the warning area.

Winter Weather Watches, Warnings And Advisories:
(Courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

A Winter Storm Outlook is issued when forecasters believe there is a good chance of a major winter storm. Outlooks are issued three to five days in advance in order to give the public considerable lead time to prepare for the effects of a possible winter storm.

A Winter Storm Watch alerts the public to the possibility of a blizzard, heavy snow, heavy freezing rain or heavy sleet. Winter Storm Watches are typically issued 12 to 48 hours before the beginning of a winter storm and alerts the public to start preparing for the storm.

A watch is upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning when a hazardous winter weather event is imminent or occurring, and is considered a threat to life and property. Warnings are usually issued for heavy accumulations of snow, freezing rain and sleet. A Winter Weather Advisory is issued for accumulations of snow, freezing rain, freezing drizzle and sleet which will cause significant inconveniences and, if caution is not exercised, could lead to life-threatening situations.
The most dangerous of all winter storms is the blizzard, which occurs when snow and strong winds (35 mph or greater) combine to produce a blinding snow, deep drifts, and life-threatening wind chill. If these conditions are forecast to persist in an area for more than three hours and reduce visibility on roads below a quarter mile, a Blizzard Warning is issued for the area.
David Stults
Baxter County OEM Director
Mobile: (870) 321-2114
Office: (870) 424-6119 Ext 2
Mike Shetrompf
Baxter County 911 Coordinator
Mobile: (870) 232-1172
Office: (870) 424-6119 Ext 4
Joe Quinn
Baxter County Deputy OEM/Safety Coordinator
Mobile: (870) 706-4000
Office: (870) 424-6119 Ext 3
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